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EGN 2: The Degenerates (Vile Video Productions DVD #9)


Image of EGN 2: The Degenerates (Vile Video Productions DVD #9)

This product is for mature audiences only. No one under the age of 18 permitted to purchase or view.

Inspired by the 1982 Robert Beckowitz murder case, The Degenerates is an ode to pseudo-snuff and found footage cinema. This second entry in the Erotic Grotesque Nonsense Series showcases the exploits of a couple who recently murdered an ex-lover to use the body as a source of entertainment for their drug fueled honeymoon.

Starring Felicia Fisher (Barf Bunny), special-fx by James Bell (Tantrum), Jessie Seitz (Beyond Horror), and Marcus Koch (AGP: Bloodshock), and directed by Jonathan Doe (Barf Bunny), The Degenerates is a misanthropic and nihilistic portrayal of courtship, deviance, and fantasy. An abhorrent and vile audio-visual work that pulls no punches.

Two-Disc DVD Set Includes:
-The Degenerates
-Making of The Degenerates
-Interview with Felicia Fisher
-Griphook Music Video