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Putrid Productions

Putrid Productions began in 2018 as a cinema conservation archival outfit. Providing physical releases of lost films, orphaned projects, and features trapped in dead format hell. In the two years that the company‚Äôs conservation efforts were active, Putrid Productions quickly got the reputation as being a hub for the extreme cinema underground to access rare and elusive films. 

Beginning in April of 2020, Putrid Productions transitioned from archival outfit to distribution studio, with the development of their Vile Video Productions sub-label. In addition to distributing films from the underground, Putrid Productions expanded their inventory to include a wide array of different artistic mediums, including books, art, photography, clothing, and of course film. 

Putrid Productions founder, Jonathan Doe, also hosts Cinemas Underbelly; a YouTube channel devoted to obscure and obscene cinema, as well as the podcast the Uneasy Terrain Explorers Club, where he interviews various figures within taboo and fringe culture.

Putrid Productions is now the parent company for the film distribution label Vile Video Productions, the YouTube channel Cinemas Underbelly, and the podcast the Uneasy Terrain Explorers Club.

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